Porcelain Teeth

Gum Shade

Universal ceramic stains allow the creation of a life-like transition from the crown margin to the gingiva by characterizing the restoration with the gum shades. With the demand for zirconia restorations, these stains will allow the ability to bring the white, red and the transition aesthetics of crowns and bridges to life. These stains are also compatible with lithium silicate and feldspathic porcelains.


CGI Universal stain pastes are intended to use for customizing shade and characterization of all dental ceramic restorations. All stains are available individually or in the CGI Paste Stain and Glaze Kit.

Stain and Glaze Liquid

CGI stain and glaze medium is a specially formulated liquid for blending with the glaze powders. The liquid allows for easy application of the powder/liquid mixture and evaporates cleanly during dry out leaving no ash residue after glazing.

Universal Fluorescent Glaze

CGI Universal Fluorescent Glaze paste and powder is intended for use in glazing all types of dental ceramic restorative materials, especially lithium disilicate, lithium silicate and zirconia restorations. The ideal level of fluorescence enhances the optical properties of the restoration to mimic the appearance of natural teeth under all lighting conditions.

Universal Glaze

CGI Universal Glaze powder and paste is intended for use in glazing all types of dental ceramic restorative materials. Its wide range of firing temperatures allows the technician to adjust to the firing of the specific ceramic to be glazed.

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